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We’ve seen it all, experienced it all, conquered it all, and now we can share it all!

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About RLP Training

RLP Training

Company Registration Number : 2018/403313/07

RLP Training was founded in 2017 and finally went digital in 2020. As a group of people that actively work in the Finance & Insurance industry, we are constantly involved with the implications of continuous changes in legislation, we know that our workshop will be from a practical perspective that eliminates the infamous confusion generally accompanied by the thought of completing your finance qualification.

At RLP Training our main goal is to educate the future leaders in Finance & Insurance, while advising and guiding them through real-life scenario’s that you won’t learn about in textbooks. We’ve seen it all, experienced it all, conquered it all, and now we can share it all!

At this specific moment, we offer online RE workshops that you can attend and complete in your own time. Our study material will prepare you for the exam without intimidating and confusing you. The best part is that even though this is a web-based workshop, you still have all the support you’ll need from our team of experts! We will be available for phone calls, zoom meetings, email correspondence and even WhatsApp support.

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Keep an eye out for our FAIS Training dates that will soon be released.

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Our Products

Product 1

  1. Regulatory Exam
    5(RE5: Representatives)
  2. Digital Workshop
  3. Study Material

Product 2
R 1550.00

  1. Regulatory Exam
    1(RE1: Key Individuals)
  2. Digital Workshop
  3. Study Material

Product 3
R1 500.00

  1. Exam Booking
    with Moonstone

Product 4
R 540.00

  1. Study material only

Our Vision & Mission Statements


RLP Training Strives to become the chosen Training Centre for all individuals looking to complete their Short Term Insurance Qualification.


While determined to act honestly and with integrity, our training standard is at the highest level. We will reach our goals and visions by keeping this ethical standard and through growing and empowering our employees and students at all times.

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  • 10 Charbury Road
    0181 Pretoria

  • 066 211 2157

  • info@rlptraining.co.za